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Rock Climber, Calisthenics, and Swimmer

Leonard Salas was born in Iloilo City Philippines.

Growing up in a poor country wasn't always the easiest task. At the age of 10 he decided to join the swimming team at school with a chance of a full scholarship to help his parents pay for his tuition. In 2001 they moved to the United States (Carson California). He then began searching for a new hobby, he started playing online games and completely halted all physical activity and all sports. In November 2013 he began to dedicate himself back to the World of Sports where he discovered calisthenics and rock climbing! He started rock climbing Feb 2017 sending his first V0 and is now completing V10 indoor as well Leo is currently working on his first outdoor v9.


" Never let your fear decide your limit"

Favorite Dynamize Product: Costa Rican Arabica (Dark Roast)




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Costa Rican Arabica

Dark Roast

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