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Surfer & Skim Boarder

Watercraft wizard Brad Domke hit the skimboarding world tour at age 15. Competing in numerous contests around the world opened his eyes to the evolution of “finless” surfing! After competing on tour for a decade he decided to harness all of his talent and energy on big wave surfing. A month after leaving the world tour he caught the biggest wave ever recorded on a finless board in Porto Escuanedo. Being the first skimboarder ever nominated for the prestigious ride of the year award completely changed his life. Landing his very own tv show “TheDomkeShow” and creating his own skimboard company has taken him to new places traveling the world in search of untouched waters blazing the trails for the new wave of finless surfing!

Favorite Dynamize Product: Costa Rican Arabica (Light Roast)


Costa Rican Arabica

Light Roast

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