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Personal Trainer & Ex Motocross Champ

Cédric Viaene grew up in the small town of Knokke, Belgium. Growing up in such a small town Cédric shot for the stars with dreams of becoming a well recognized photographer and videographer across all social media platforms. Coming from the professional motocross world from winning multiple championships in Belgium his athleticism pushes him to the most dramatic landscapes in the world where he puts his skills to the limits to capture breathtaking moments in time. Currently residing in Bali, Indonesia where he is perfecting his crafts by staying mentally fit for journeys to come.


"A big part of my everyday life is eating healthy and staying as physically active as possible. Constantly waking up at four in the morning to shoot isn't the easiest thing to do but with a company like Dynamize Coffee supporting me I'm always excited to wake up!"

Favorite Dynamize Product: Costa Rican Arabica (Dark Roast)


Costa Rican Arabica

Dark Roast

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